Inbox: He’s positioned to have a career-defining year

Evan Siegle, LB Blake Martinez

I think the Raiders had to be the obvious choice for “Hard Knocks” this year given the personalities on that team. But I’m just excited to watch it for their preseason game against the Packers. I want to challenge you guys to find a way to get yourselves in front of one of those HBO cameras and get yourself on the show.

I’ll be the reporter with “Hi Mom” written in Sharpie on my forehead. Good morning!

Who is going to be the RB starter this year?

Aaron Jones took the first snap with the starters during the six offseason practices open to the media, but we’ll have to see how training camp unfolds. Regardless, it won’t be a one-person job. Jamaal Williams and whoever fills that No. 3 job will be a part of the plan, as well. The Packers want to be multiple.

How many running backs will the Pack keep this year?

I have no earthly idea. Dexter Williams caught my eye this offseason, and Danny Vitale seems like an ideal fit for Matt LaFleur’s offense. I know this much – my eyes will be glued to the field watching all of those guys in the preseason.

Insiders, at what point do we stop calling our three receivers who were drafted last year rookies?

I turn the page to the new season on opening day of free agency.

Since Charles "Peanut" Tillman was brought up in Friday’s Inbox, I would love to hear who else could emerge as the "puncher" of the football on this defense? Blake Martinez is definitely someone who leads by example, and is considered a leader of our defense. However, he rarely forces fumbles/turnovers. Is this something he is trying to improve on?

That’s what Martinez must do to bring his game to the next level. He’s talked about his desire to generate more takeaways in 2019. His new position coach, Kirk Olivadotti, believes that’ll come with Martinez mastering the defense and getting a step or two ahead of plays. He’s positioned to have a career-defining year with the work he put in this offseason.

So much is made about players’ abilities but very little about the coach behind those players, especially position coaches. I remember the days of Kevin Greene and now Mike Smith and I see a strong resemblance. The results will prove the coaching element if our OLBs have a breakout year.

I didn’t know much about Smith before he came to Green Bay, but he strikes me as someone guys want to play for. That was part of Greene’s charm, too. Greene is a Hall of Fame player, but what separated him as a coach was his connection to his players.

With the recent addition of another tight end through waivers, how many TEs do you see making the final roster? There seems to be at least four solid TEs plus others with potential.

The addition of Pharaoh McKever is a response to Davis Koppenhaver’s retirement and Marcedes Lewis missing minicamp due to his requirements at UCLA. It is possible, though, Green Bay keeps four again like it did last year with Jace Sternberger and Robert Tonyan developing behind the vets.

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